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Designing a model for  the web-based scientific communications of Iranian Academic Websites

 Webometrics, Scientific Communication, website, University website, model, link, inlink, visualization
Dr. Fatemeh Nooshin fard
Dr. Keyvan Kousha and Dr. Fahime Babalhavaeji

The aim of this paper is to analysis the linkage in 50 top ranked Iranian university websites in five phases. Studing the 1000 selected inlinks with a webometric method, the web visibility, inlink percentage and geographical distribution were extracted and studied in the first three phases. In the forth phase, link analysis with the qualitative approach was applied to identifing the proportions of formal and informal scientific motivations for creating link to these websites and extracting five broad motivations and 30 subclasses for each link, manually. Finally at the fifth phase, the model of ”Iranian universities web-based scholarly communication” and a suggested model for “link analysis” were proposed.

Findings of the current research demonstrate the high rate of web visibility in the websites of Tehran university (% 14.07), Tehran Medical science (% 5/86) and Shiraz Medical science (%2/92). As for self linking, Baqiatallah Medical science, Iran Medical scienve and Zanjan medical science ranked the highest with %89.28,82/83 and 80/14.

To study the geographical distribution of inlinks, Iranian and American universities have more linkage with % 83.50 and %12.40. The continental linkage shows the high linkage in Asia %84 and America %12.40. Regards to the academic field of link creaters, “Medical, Pharmacy, agriculture and Mathematics” and  “Computing, Engineering and statistics” %11.50 and %11.20 had more links, however there was only %0.40 of linkages dedicate to “art and humanities” and dramatically no linkage in “law” field.

Results show significant differences in scholarly communication activity as well as linking behavior amongst different universities and some similar scholarly patterns in sub-networks similar to previous studies. Through the model of “Iranian universities web-based scholarly communication” we found many international universities communication with Iranians’. Moreover, we discovered that Iranian universities link to the other Iranian universities via scholarly communication more often than international universities worldwide. Last but not least, the thesis proposes two model for "we-based scholarly communication of Iranian academic web space" as well as a suggested model for further link analysis studies. A new formula for normalization in webometrics is recommended in this thesis too.

Paper derived from the aboved thesis so far:
-Nooshin fard, Fatemeh & Shima Moradi. upcoming. "A review to link analysis articles in Iran and all around the world". Journal of information Science and Technology. (Farsi)
-Nooshin fard, Fatemeh & Shima Moradi. upcoming. "Modeling the web-based scientific communication of Iranian academic web space". MJLIS. (English)
This subject was taken in to consideration in:
-ISSOME Doctoral Forum, Finland 2011
-IFLA, Puerto Rico, USA 2011